Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ever Wondered What Jewelry People Recycle?

The source of my inspiration is my jewelry recycling service - Canadians can visit my recycle page to order a prepaid envelope for recycling your old, broken, unwanted jewelry. When someone talks to me in person about recycling jewelry, they often confess that they wonder if I will even like what they send - will I be able to do anything with it?

I always reassure my customers that any donation
of recycled jewelry is a good one - when something is reduced to its parts there is often beauty found in the beads or components. Even if your recycled jewelry isn't directly used in the ecocessories jewelry line, it is being collected for future educational projects. I opened 4 Jewelry Recyclers' envelopes yesterday and was so pleasantly surprised by what was in each one. I spread out the contents to show you a few examples of what arrives in my jewelry recycling service:

{Donation from Jewelry Recycler 1}

Jewelry Recycler 1 sent me this baggie of recycled jewelry along with another baggie of a brooch and beads (not shown) to be used in a custom design. I am excited to work on this custom piece, as the brooch is gorgeous and its clasp is broken so otherwise it wouldn't be worn! I love the leaves in the recycled necklace, and the cute discs in these recycled earrings. The sterling silver seagull is attractive too, and I'm sure will make for a beautiful new simple statement piece!

{Donation from Jewelry Recycler 2}

Jewelry Recycler 2 definitely has more of a geometric and tribal influence to the jewelry she recycled. Turquoise and blue stones are nestled amongst intricate wire work and mixed metal squares and earrings will be perfect to repurpose. The metal needs a bit of cleaning, and then I will probably sort like coloured metals together. There is also a great strand of pink stones that will be ideal for making my Everyday Earrings style!

{Donation from Jewelry Recycler 3}

Jewelry Recycler 3 included a detailed note of most pieces in the envelope. This is not very common so I was pleasantly surprised and appreciated knowing the stories behind each piece. Much of this jewelry is handmade designer pieces that were purchase at the St. Lawrence market in Toronto, Ontario. The red square garnet stones and blue freshwater pearls will be inspiring to work with! I also appreciate the silver chains which will be great mixed with some old and new chain in a bracelet.

{Donation from Jewelry Recycler 4}

Jewelry Recycler 4 sent many pieces including some watches! I am saving watches and hope to get all the non-working ones repaired in preparation for some custom ecocessories watches! I love the beads in the bracelets that were recycled here - many of them are broken after years of love, so I'm happy the jewelry recycler decided to give these pieces a new life with ecocessories, as opposed to throwing them out.

Now what happens? Well I will disassemble all of these recycled pieces and sort the beads and components by colour. I will clean up the metal and put everything away in resealable bags and mason jars. The mason jars are organized by colour in my studio, and when I create my new ecocessories designs, this I where I draw my inspiration! If you are interested in recycling jewelry, visit my recycle page here. Do you recognize your recycled jewelry? Comment below!


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