Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eco-friendly Upcycled Bangles for Spring

For ecocessories Spring/Summer 2011 collection "Tell a Story" I've been working with some recycled jewelry that I haven't reinvented before! In my collection of old, broken, unwanted jewelry, I've been saving brooches, stud earrings, and bangles, waiting for the perfect inspiration to strike.

Introducing wire-wrapped upcycled bangles! In my jewelry recycling service I received this set of tired bangles. These simple base metal bangles are painted, and their once vibrant finish has been somewhat muted with time. I found charm in the various shades of the bangles and selected an assortment of recycled beads to go with each bangle.

{Upcycled bangles, wrapped with recycled beads and 14K gold fill wire. Shop bracelets here!}

I cut pieces of 14K gold fill wire, and hammered a swirl in each end after threading on the bead. Each wire is tightly wrapped around the bangles, giving each piece a new artistic life! These bangles look great on their own, or with a few layered together! At only $24, these unique bangles are a great deal! Shop bracelets online now - but hurry, this set is one of a kind.

Hey - do you have any bangles that you'd like me to reinvent? I'd love to give your old jewelry a custom redesign - contact me to discuss your project today! Let me know what you think of the bangles... comment below.


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