Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011: Tell a Story

For the month of February, I tucked myself away in the ecocessories studio and have been designing the first pieces of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection - Tell a Story. I was inspired to create this collection by thinking about the very nature of ecocessories jewelry. Every piece features recycled beads that have a history and that come from very different pieces of recycled jewelry in the beginning. Every recycled bead in my eco jewelry pieces has been somewhere before, and those beads carry the stories of the world they've traveled and the lives they've touched before now.

{Clockwise: Mason jars of recycled jewelry, heart brooches being reinvented, recycled chain}

In the studio recycled jewelry is disassembled and sorted by colour in glass Mason jars full of history. Beads, brooches, chain and other components mix and mingle in rainbows of colour. While I was sorting through my recycled jewelry I started thinking about how great this mix of stories is. When someone has a piece of jewelry that doesn't suit their style or life any more, then can recycle it with ecocessories. Or, if a piece is broken or missing something, there is an opportunity for it to have a new life. Its story carries on.

{Clockwise: Caymen Island Fringe Necklace, Dew Drop Leaf Brooch, Wire-Wrapped Bangles - brooches and bangles are new for Spring!}

New ecocessories jewelry designs are hand crafted using precious metals (sterling silver & 14K gold fill) and the recycled beads. I hand forge all the clasps, earring wires, circles and other metal components in my designs. Most pieces that I design are one-of-a-kind, and have a unique vintage modern style. So often I hear from customers that they chose a piece just because it spoke to them. I believe that is the piece's story being revealed once it is ready to go to a new home.

The ecocessories jewelry collection features both simple, everyday jewelry and statement pieces that are sure to start a conversation! In this way the story carries on for all the recycled jewelry that went into creating your unique piece. So "Tell a Story" with your jewelry today, and shop the Spring/Summer 2011 collection online, and at a store near you.

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