Monday, January 17, 2011

Jewelry Photography Tent

For Christmas this year, my husband got me this incredible photography tent to take pictures of my jewelry pieces! He certainly knows how to romance a jewelry designer. I am thrilled and excited to get to know this beautiful tent and the great photos it will produce. Photography has always been a challenge for me - but a necessary one to overcome so I can bring more great pieces to you here at the online shop.

{EZ Cube Light Box for taking shots of my jewelry}

Gone are the days where I pray for a sunny afternoon to take pictures by the window! Photography now has it's own dedicated corner in the ecocessories studio.

{Purple Pearl Ribbon Necklace - recycled faux pearls, purple glass, hand forged sterling silver circles & clasp - more details}

I still have to work on the lighting a bit more, but for a first shot it is pretty good! What do you think?

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