Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recycled Earring Necklaces

A lot of the jewelry that is recycled with ecocessories comes in the form of beaded necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, that I disassemble, sort by colour, and use as my palette for new designs. However, sometimes I get recycled jewelry that presents a real challenge, and that happened recently with a collection of recycled stud earrings from the members of First United Church in White Rock, B.C.

{Recycled jewelry from First United White Rock. I have sorted all the pieces by colour in Mason jars, now it's time to disassemble the beads and get inspired!}

This particular batch of recycled jewelry was generously donated by the members of this congregation earlier this summer, and I've been slowly disassembling it in preparation for Fall 2010. The members of the church had been collecting old jewelry for over 4 years as a method of fund raising. The chapter had to be closed, but upon reading about ecocessories in the Vancouver Sun one member, Evelyn, found out they could recycle the left over jewelry.
Evelyn and I emailed and made the arrangements. Four l
arge bags of jewelry arrived, and I was immediately excited at the potential and extremely grateful to the members for all deciding to recycled the jewelry with ecocessories! Thank you First United of White Rock.

{Tie Dye stud earrings features the blacks and fuschia's I've been including in my Fall collection. I remove the backs and clean the earrings.}

Last week, while designing my Fall/Winter 2010 collection, I was studying a half dozen pairs of stud earrings, trying to see the potential for a new design. It occurred to me to remove the backs and attach the earrings together to make a design that is the same on both sides. The resulting earring pebbles make the perfect necklace pendant!

{After preparing a number of earrings, I glue each pair together to make a circle that can be flipped either way as a Necklace pendant.}

I am very excited to share my latest design and the other pieces in the Fall 2010 collection. Check back often as I continue to add new designs throughout the season. If you see something you like, don't hesitate as most ecocessories designs are one of a kind! Shop online now and enjoy Free Shipping in Canada.

{If you can't see the Flickr slideshow of Recycled Earring Necklaces, click here}

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