Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mixed Greens - Earth Friendly Shopping in Fenelon Falls

This summer my husband and I made the decision to leave our beloved home in North Vancouver, B.C. to move back to Ontario to be close to our family and friends. ecocessories is expanding nationally and will still have a strong presence in Vancouver with both Fine Finds in Yaletown, and Poppy Hair Boutique on West 4th carrying ecocessories designs and accepting recycled jewelry.

{Mixed Greens now carries ecocessories jewelry and is located at 3 Francis Street West in Fenelon Falls, Ontario}

Luckily, we have made our new home and located my new studio in the small town of Fenelon Falls, Ontario, which boasts a beautiful waterfront, abundant nature, and strong community spirit. I was excited when visiting Fenelon Falls this summer to discover Mixed Greens, a local retailer of earth friendly goods. Mixed Greens carries many of the eco-friendly and organic products that we came to know and love in Vancouver, and I am proud to announce that ecocessories jewelry is now available there too!

{Unique ecocessories jewelry designs, available exclusively at Mixed Greens}

This eco-friendly shop is run by a passionate couple, and a few minutes chatting with owner Damien Valles had us discussing everything from personal care products, eco fashion, to raising chickens! Damien explained that he'd opened the shop at the beginning of this summer and has received a wonderfully positive response from the local community. While he has started out offering a diverse range of eco products, he aspires to really engage the community by hosting workshops and showing documentaries in his Francis St. storefront.

{Me To We Style organic cotton t-shirts}

I was happy to see Mixed Greens offering some of my favourite brands, including Me To We Style, a Toronto based sustainable clothing brand who ecocessories partnered with for the Less Is More campaign this summer. Also available is Homestead House Milk Paint which I'm excited to try on some furniture redesign and my favourite Badger Balm Sunscreen which protects your skin and nourishes it too using a mixture of essential oils.

{Visit Mixed Greens in Fenelon Falls, Ontario or join the Facebook page here}

These are just a few among many amazing products available at Mixed Greens. If you are in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario, this store is a must visit destination. Shop for ecocessories jewelry and other great eco-friendly goods!

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