Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Enter to Win from the Green Bride Guide

As an eco bride planning my own wedding (which is happening in less than 3 weeks - yikes!) I know how hard it can be to stay true to your values while making beautiful choices for your special day. The Green Bride Guide is truly the ultimate resource for eco-minded couples out there, no matter what stage you are at in your planning!

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This month there is a special contest going on at the Green Bride Guide - entrants have a chance to win a pair of ecocessories earrings that feature glass teardrops that were once dripping from a chandelier, and recycled faux pearls. This beautiful pair would be perfect for an eco bride or any other special occasion!

Enter the contest here and then spend some more time browsing this amazing site. Features that particularly caught my eye were:

- Top 10 Tips for Greening Your Bridal Jewelry (Tip #11, shop at!)
- Green Wedding Registry (when we were starting out our planning a couple years ago, this was impossible to find, so we ended up registering at an antiques store!)
- Carbon Calculator (My wedding will generate up to 10 tons CO2 - yuck.)
- Beverage Calculator (Estimate exactly how many bottles you'll need.)

Every day I'm identifying more opportunities to lessen the impact I'm having on this planet, and whether you are an eco bride or not, we can all make a difference. Three cheers for the Green Bride Guide for helping us make greener choices!

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