Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Leo Awards Celebrity Gift Bags Feature ecocessories

I'd like to thank the Vancouver Sun for interviewing me about the inclusion of ecocessories bracelets in the 2010 Leo Awards celebrity gift bags. Be sure to pick up your copy of Tuesday, June 1st's edition of the Vancouver Sun to read the article, or check it out online here.

This weekend, June 4th & 5th, 2010 are the Leo Awards in Vancouver, B.C. which honour the top talent in the B.C. television and film industry. Presenters of the awards will be given a gift bag including ecocessories bracelets. After approximately 30 hours in the studio, I designed the 50 bracelets that will be included in the bags. Some are one-0f-a-kind and others are part of 3-4 bracelet limited edition runs.

{Finished ecocessories bracelets that the celebrity presenters will receive as gifts at the Leo Awards, June 4th & 5th in Vancouver, B.C.}

I was so happy with how the bracelets turned out, and took this shot of the finished collection hung on my recycled frame bracelet stands. This two boards are the culmination of studio hours first spent on the silversmithing, and then the wire wrapping.

Hand forged sterling silver clasps with adjustable rings and sterling silver components give these bracelets their high quality artisan style. Silver components are then wire wrapped to a carefully selected colour palette of recycled beads.

{ecocessories bracelets modeled during the eco fashion shows at EP!C Expo this past weekend}

The bracelets had a moment in the spotlight before being packed in hand-stamped recycled paper envelopes for delivery to their recipients. Eco Fashion Week Vancouver organized the fashion shows at EP!C The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo this past weekend and ecocessories bracelets were modeled on the runway with Monkey 100 t-shirts, a company with a beautiful mission to get people thinking about their relationship to the environment as a catalyst for social change.

{The bracelets will be delivered in hand stamped recycled paper envelopes, as seen in the production process at the studio here!}

Shop for bracelets like the celebrities will be receiving online here! Find your unique eco style.

Visit ecocessories™ to shop for recycled bead & sterling silver one-of-a-kind designs.

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