Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Custom Eco Jewelry Design in Canada

Side note - I don't know if you've noticed, but my press page has expanded in June! The Vancouver Sun, the North Shore News, the Alternative Consumer, and Eco Fashion World have all made mention of ecocessories this month - and we're only 8 days in! Thank you for the wonderful exposure, and hello to all the new eco fashionistas I'm connecting with because of it.

I've had the opportunity lately to work on a few really great custom projects. I'm pretty sure all of us women have old jewelry around that holds cherished sentimental value. When a special occasion comes along, it is a really nice idea to have these pieces reinvented to complement your style.

{Valerie's grandmother's crystals were recycled from an old choker}

Valerie had a choker that originally belonged to her grandmother. The choker featured beautiful vintage crystals that held special meaning to Valerie, but needed a new life. After disassembling the original choker, Valerie contacted me when she noticed ecocessories jewelry designs at the North Vancouver Community Arts Council during a recent exhibit. After learning that I redesign old, broken, unwanted jewelry into new high quality designs, she realized that ecocessories was exactly what she needed to give the crystals new life.

{The new design can be worn as two different necklace styles, or even as a wrap bracelet}

A very special event was approaching and Valerie wanted to give her daughter a meaningful gift to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Whether or not the jewelry is worn on the upcoming wedding day, the bride will have a beautiful piece of eco-friendly jewelry that features pieces of her past and contains the beautiful love from her mother.

{Old, tarnished clip on earrings need a bit of modernizing}

Valerie delivered the gift, and the mother and daughter were so pleased that they decided to have a pair of matching earrings designed too from the tarnished clip-on pair that went with the original choker.

{A beautiful new pair featuring the recycled vintage crystals and new sterling silver earring wires and chain}

Do you have beads or old jewelry of sentimental value to you? If you have an upcoming wedding, celebration, or special occasion, you can have a piece of jewelry custom designed for the event. I can work with you, regardless of where you live in Canada. If we aren't geographically close, don't worry about it! We can work over email, phone, and Skype to come up with your one-of-a-kind piece of custom eco jewelry.

I'll accept your jewelry or beads by mail, and you will receive frequent photos and communication through the design process. Please email me at jessica@ecocessories.ca to discuss your design today!

Visit ecocessories to shop for recycled bead & sterling silver one-of-a-kind designs.

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