Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 Eco Jewelry Collection

Spring/Summer 2010 marks 2 years in April that I've been working on building ecocessories. Since releasing my line into retail stores in Fall 2009, I have been able to really test new designs and really listen to what my customers want.

I'm am separating my design efforts into two major collections in 2010 - Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. For Spring/Summer 2010 I am spending time really concentrating on my inspiration this season - water, in its many shapes and forms. I have a vision board that I designed, which is guiding my path, along with the many daily experiences I have with water living here in coastal B.C. From raindrops sliding down my window pane, to the rushing mountain streams, full from a thawing Spring; from the ripples of the mountain lake to the splash of rolling ocean waves, water inspires me.

{Watch a slideshow of my new designs, or shop the collection here}

So what does all of this mean for my jewelry collection? Colours such as ocean blue, turquoise pools, coral pinks, lily pad green, sunshine yellow, and frothing white are my palette this season, all drawn from my water inspiration. Silver tear drops, perfect circles, swirls and soft curves are the shapes in my designs.

I am working on the collection as you read this, and you'll start to see Spring/Summer 2010 trickle in online, stream into my stores, and arrive with a big splash at the Green Living Show, on April 23, 24, and 25th in Toronto, Ontario. I'm also planning a photo shoot before the show, to really showcase the wearability of my jewelry designs. Welcome to Spring!

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