Saturday, November 14, 2009

Adria Vasil: Ecoholic

I was reading the latest e-newsletter from Green Living, a fantastic Canadian print and online publication that is jam packed with articles about the sustainable movement in Canada.

An interview with Adria Vasil caught my attention. Adria recently wrote a book called Ecoholic which contains the "greenest, cleanest and most energy-efficient information under one (Canadian) roof!". Green Living interviewed Adria and I love what this eco heroine has to say.

A few of my favourite snippets from the interview are,

On going green and saving money: "Green stories aren’t on page one [of most newspapers] as much as they were before the recession hit, but people inherently started going back to some of the green home strategies that our grandparents used in the Great Depression to save money. Without necessarily thinking about it, we’re starting to turn the lights out more, consuming less and ultimately realizing that this is exactly what they meant when they said going green could save you money."

On starting with small green steps at home: "Your home is ground zero, so I think once you make the changes in your home, then you can branch out to working on changing the world around you. You get inspired. You get on a roll."

On going beyond the products/services we buy: "We can’t buy our way out of this mess. It can’t start and end with shopping. It can start there but it can’t end there."

Read the whole interview with Adria here, and pick up a copy of Ecoholic for someone on your Christmas list this year!

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