Monday, September 14, 2009

Modish Handmade Blog

If I have few minutes of down time, I always find it inspirational to peruse the online world to see what other artists, designers, and crafters are doing. I love how inspiring it is to see two artists, who work in the same medium, produce radically different and equally beautiful results.

One of my favourite places to head for this sort of inspiration is the Modish Handmade Blog. The blog is written by the fabulous Jena, whose mission is to bring awareness to emerging art and design talent. Artists, including myself, are so thankful for voices like Jena's as her daily efforts are what help us succeed.

If you have time yourself to be inspired, head over to the Modish Blog to oogle the finest the handmade world has to offer, complements of Jena's artistically refreshing taste. Thanks Jena!

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