Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recycled Jewelry, New York Style

Yesterday I did something very exciting - made an official editorial calender for the ecocessories blog! I plan to post on a schedule - inspiration on Monday to kick off the week, recycled jewelry and designs on Wednesday to keep it fresh, and Saturday fab eco-friendly features of fashion, green resources, and compelling eco websites for you to browse over a Saturday coffee.

You'll also notice a new Search This Blog bar to the right, a You Might Also Like feature at the end of each post, and Recent Comments featured in the right column too! I want to feel like a community with my blog readers and ecocessories supporters. Without further ado, here is this Saturday's round up:

1. Linhardt Design Studio

{linhardt design studio, New York City}

Everything about this space is clean, eco-friendly, warm and inviting all at the same time. Designer Lisa Linhardt's boutique is tucked away in New York's East Village and she carries her own, as well as national and international eco-friendly jewelry designs. Hmm, is there a future for ecocessories here?

This space inspires me because it is entirely what I would like to do with ecocessories in a few years - settle down somewhere with a gallery and retail showroom that hosts my silversmithing studio in the back. Lisa is also known for executing drop-in design orders for her custom silver rings in just an hour and a half - I'm impressed! This shop is a must-see when I do make it to the big city!

2. Green Wedding Shoes

{Green Wedding Shoes blog}

This is my new favourite blog because it was officially a year from yesterday - August 21st - that I am getting married! My fiance and I are planning an eco-friendly wedding so my heart did a little green leap when I came across the Green Wedding Shoes blog. Jen is a multi-talented woman who wants to inspire other brides planning a green wedding. She features real brides on her blog that is vivid with photography, rich with content, and filled with love. I'll definitely be sending her some photos of my recent engagement photo shoot with Allan!


{GOOP by Gwyneth Paltrow - nourish the inner aspect}

This incredible site is the brainchild of celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow who is also a strong supporter of the green movement. GOOP sorts its weekly newsletters into categories that include Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, See that are packed with all sorts of interesting eco tidbits, including Gwyneth's favourite recipes, recommended eco-fashion, and personally endorsed activities from around the globe. It's refreshing to see a celeb with as much depth and eco-conscientiousness as Gwyneth has.

What about you? Have you found inspiration somewhere unexpected this week? Comment below!


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