Monday, August 10, 2009

Interview Inspiration: pen & design

Over the next while, I'm going to do a series of short interviews with some beautiful individuals who have been instrumental in my success with ecocessories. Read. Share. Enjoy.

It is often noted how people come into our lives for a reason, and back when the idea for ecocessories was simply dancing in my head I met Tara Tyreman, an artistic, motivated, and inspirational 'sister in spirit' to me. I believe the reason Tara came into my life was to let me know that it's okay to be an artist. This may seem silly to some, but to me it was something I never fully admitted of myself before that first visit to Tara's then home on Galiano Island.

Tara used to remind me back then that we were not normal 23 year olds, what with our entrepreneurial visions and shared penchant for a West Coast life. She developed the unique design for the ecocessories website, turning outside of the box thinking into an organized, thought provoking design. These days, Tara is a busy Vancouver Island business woman with her many creative pursuits. Currently Tara is building the Ted Harrision Foundation website, writing for Floating Gold Iceberg's fashion blog, organizing a Victoria fall craft fair, and making work for her first solo show on the island.

What do you do for a living?
I am a designer. An artist. A Gallery Assistant.

What is the best thing about it?
Every morning, I wake up, make tea, put on some music and do work that I am proud of. And absolutely everything I do stems from creativity.

{recent web design project for floating gold iceberg}

The worst?

What inspires you?
White walls. 1964-1974. Barbara Kruger. Rauschenberg. Whales. Children. Kaleidoscopes. My friends.

What is your art?
Right now it's about assemblage. Building narratives. Make believe.

{the realist}

How do you incorporate sustainability into your life?
I ride a bicycle and only buy what I can carry. I love Trades. I drink a lot of local beer. My Victoria is a village. We shop at the markets. We buy art. We support each others businesses. Our community is strong and everlasting.

Your business?
All of my clients are small businesses; designers who believe in the handmade. Literally every company I work with is contributing to our local economy. I could not have chosen a more sustainable, creative, inspiring place to base my business.

Your fashion?
I live for vintage. Consignment stores. Value Village afternoons.


Why does fashion matter to you?
Every day can be different and I love the history in my clothes. I live in the grey sweater my Nana knit for me.

What is your favourite quote?
We live in a world that we create for ourselves.

What wisdom would you like to pass on to others?
Find something you love and do it everyday. Use your imagination.

{indian give'r}

Thanks Tara! Visit pen & design for more of Tara's creativity.

Visit ecocessories to shop for recycled bead & sterling silver one-of-a-kind designs.


  1. Tara's work is lovely! I really like her design of your blog and brand! Thanks for this interview!

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