Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Last night was pretty quiet around my house. We were both present - in body that is - but my mind took a rain check for the evening. It was somewhere else. Somewhere filled with colourful skeins, soft angoras, laughter, tears, and female companionship. I think the first moment my fiance realized he better occupy himself elsewhere was when I literally could not put the book down to eat dinner - it was like it was glued to my hand! Fajita in one paw, addicting book in the other. He really did abandon the living room around 9pm though as my eyes raced through the final pages... and I promptly burst in tears. Yeah, I'm an emotional sap like that.

{moss cushion neck cowl, by ecocessories}

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs caught me off guard - probably because I identified so strongly with the main character, Georgia Walker. Georgia is a smart and savvy businesswoman with a yarn shop in New York City. After launching the Friday Night Knitting Club, strong bonds are formed between a handful of women who weren't looking for friendship - but found it anyway.

{new collection of neck cowls, by ecocessories}

As I devoured the story, I couldn't help reflecting on how appropriate this book is for right now. I strongly believe that there is a social movement happening today; there is a resurgence of traditional crafts and support for the handmade community. It started a few years ago, but has gained momentum with the poor economy. Second hand used to mean tacky - now vintage shoppers are called trendy. Handmade was often a secondary choice to new, store bought goods - now consumers realize high quality, ethical production, and outstanding service are being delivered by independent artists that are the lifeline of our local economies.

{new collection of summer scarves, by ecocessories}

Jewelry design is my first love - well not just jewelry design, but specifically silversmithing and working with recycled beads. But sometimes a girl needs a break, and knitting provides nourishment for my soul, which is why I've listed some of my recent knitwear for sale under my Originals line.

{chocolate mint summer scarf, by ecocessories}

I am now closing my Macbook for the day (OK let's get serious, a few hours) in favour of my torch, my pliers, silver wire and some creativity. If you're looking for a late summer read, pick up this book! Crafter or not, The Friday Night Knitting Club is for any woman looking to warm her heart.


  1. What a great read! I just burst into tears! lol. No, i didn't but I do so identify with your involvement in your book and resonate with your talk of a social network building within the crafting community.

    Also appreciated your insight on vintage now and then and how people feel about second hand and really, really loving your knitting, your photos, your blog, your inspiration, your excellence, your you!


  2. Wow Wendy, that's a lotta love! Thanks for your support and your hard work promoting the craft industry. Love love love everything you do too!