Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eco-Friendly Designers Shine at Portobello West

I've been so fortunate this summer to spend lots of time with my family and friends, and although I've been quiet online these days, it's OK because I'm paying homage to those who love and support me the most! But before playing tour guide to my mom, aunt & cousins this week I had the chance to meet some impressive eco-friendly Vancouver designers at Portobello West on Sunday, July 26th.

First I met Jenn of Revamped by Jenn, the designer of sinfully sweet brooches, textured clutches, and her fashion forward purses. The designs are all made using reclaimed fabrics and the creative eye of this unique Vancouver based artist. View her array of offerings at!

Stationary is something that we all have a need for, but we should be considerate of the environmental impact of these small gestures too. NOTE + EMOTE can help lessen your impact with their line of recycled Humble Birdie greeting cards, glueless notepads and stapleless notebooks. Updates are posted on their blog, and their line of greeting cards & stationary that care about the environment can be picked up again at Portobello West on August 30th.

Have you ever encountered unwanted body hair? I think I hear a resounding yes! Well to solve this sticky dilemma refer to the girls at Sticky Lemon who have created an all natural, easy to use, eco friendly hair removal system using an old family recipe. These lovely ladies are conscious of the fact that what goes on to our skin also goes into our bodies, so it's reassuring to know their products contain no preservatives, no additives, and no hard to pronounce chemicals!

Finally, I met Kim - a local designer oozing with creativity that has sourced vibrant reclaimed leather and fabric to make her funky clutches and hipster hats. Her line, dubbed kdon after her nickname, can be described as enchanting, progressive and innovative. Kim's working on a site to sell her wares online, but in the meantime check out her blog to keep track of this designer who's making a statement on the Vancouver fashion scene.

And of course for all your jewelry needs you can shop at ecocessories both in the online shop and again at Portobello West on Sunday, August 30th. Once I wind down from my hostess duties I will be posting some exciting new jewelry designs to the site mid-next week.

I look forward to bringing you into fall with eco-friendly statement necklaces and my one-of-a-kind designs!


  1. Hello, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your wonderful post, thank you - I'm really loving your blog too !

  2. That is so sweet Elise! Thank you! I would love to know if there's anything specific you'd like to see covered on my blog too. Cheers!