Monday, August 31, 2009

Eco DIY Project: Wine Cork Board

My brother-in-law's birthday was coming up, and we thought it would be fun to give him something unique, handmade, and full of love. Well since I haven't come up with my mancessories line yet, a gift from ecocessories was out! Instead, my fiance and I whipped together this neat Wine Cork Board. It was so much fun, and so simple, I though I'd share the directions with you!

Step 1: Share many bottles of wine with friends and build up a collection of wine corks. We used 30 wine corks, cut in half, in an 8X10 inch picture frame, salvaged from the thrift store and painted white.

Step 2: Cut your wine corks in half. Make sure to cut so the best sides of the cork are shown! We used a bench clamp and jewelry saw, but any sharp knife would do the job, providing you have a SAFE method of clamping the cork still while you saw (so no, your fingers won't do the trick!).

Step 3:
Glue your halved corks to the frame. I recommend using a glue gun and a white piece of cardboard with no glass in your frame. We glued our corks to the glass, and a few had fallen off the following morning due to the humidity in our place!

Step 4: Adorn your board with pushpins, notes and reminders! This artistic, functional, and eco-friendly wine cork board is sure to be a unique accent to your home, or a thoughtful handmade gift for your loved ones!

If you attempt this project - I'd love to know! Let me know how your wine cork board turns out by commenting below.

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