Saturday, July 25, 2009

Inspiration from Peterborough to Muskoka

I'm sitting in my living room, relishing in the comfort of home, after a busy three week vacation to Ontario! I lived and loved every day of my trip, drinking in the company of my family and friends. I was able to reconnect with many people in my life, like I haven't been able to do in a couple of years. It felt good. Really good.

I started the trip in Sarnia, spending a week with Mom & Dad in my hometown of Sarnia. What I loved about Sarnia was it's revival. I was so impressed with the boutiques and shops downtown and the attraction of people to the waterfront area with First Fridays - when on the first Friday of each month local citizens are invited to connect with downtown businesses, artists, and musicians.

The second week of my trip was spent in Fenelon Falls with my fiance at Mom & Dad #2's home. What I loved about Fenelon Falls was the lake, the dock, the stars, the loon calling, and the slap of the beaver's tail. I made close ties with new family members and basked in the warmth of this lake side home.

The third leg of my adventure landed me in Peterborough. I loved this town's inviting boutiques, friendly people, and sense of community. Twice a week all summer there are free music concerts hosted by the Festival of Lights. And I'm talking free concerts with top notch muscians - those that you would generally spend money to see! The sights and sounds of this gorgeous city drew me in, and I thoroughly enjoyed every eventful day there.

The final chapter of this trip ended in the Muskoka region. I stayed in Hunstville and explored culturally and artistically rich streets, decorated with Group of Seven paintings and funky, unique store fronts. I loaded up on art supplies and spent my days painting by the lapping lakes while soaking up a few rays of sunshine.

Now I'm back home, and finding joy in a few simple tasks - wiping down the surfaces, stocking up on organic foods, replenishing my essential oils from Nature's Creations, folding fresh laundry, decluttering our living room, BBQing homemade dishes, and exploring my neighbourhood through a fresh set of eyes.

I'm in the studio creating new designs for Portobello West - Vancouver's premier fashion & art market. I'd love to see you out tomorrow between 12pm and 6pm at the Rocky Mountaineer Station. See you then!

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