Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trip to Whistler Inspires Summer Scarves

I spent the last two days with my fiance in Whistler and experienced a luxurious and romantic time! As always, new destinations on the West Coast seem to inspire the creative juices in me and I finished the getaway with a new product designed. Introducing the Summer Scarf Originals line and specifically this one is called the Chocolate Lake Summer Scarf.

The ecocessories summer scarf was inspired by cool nights in Whistler, where a simple light scarf is the perfect accessory for incorporating loved knits into summer styles.

My fiance helped me design these handmade tags, and I created and hand stitched them in my studio. I'm working on a bunch of different colours of this design, and would love to know what you think in the comments below. I love the loose chunky stitch that gives this scarf its airy feel.

Wrap this handmade 75" long knit once for a simple, long style, or twice for added warmth and snuggle around your neck.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm designing tons in preparation for the upcoming Portobello West market on June 28th in Vancouver, B.C. and an ecocessories Garden Party being planned for July 4th in Sarnia, Ontario. More details coming soon.


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