Monday, June 1, 2009

Sustainable Voice - Eco Fashionista Kelly Drennan

I first 'met' Kelly Drennan when she started following me on Twitter. Or maybe I followed her. I'm not sure, but bottom line is that we have a common interest - eco-fashion! Kelly is the founder of a members-based Canadian organization, Fashion Takes Action, that is working on bringing about awareness for the eco-fashion industry.

As the organization's website puts it: "sustainable fashion is about the fashion first, and should look no different than conventional fashion." I definitely agree with this quote, as that's one thing that has attracted individuals to my jewelry - it doesn't 'look' like a stereotypical view of eco-fashion. My designs are high quality, stylish, artisan jewelry items.

In a recent interview I read, Kelly had a thing or two to say about the choices every person can make when it comes to living a bit more sustainably:

"In terms of the environment, the most important thing we can do is to stop purchasing things that are bad. Stop buying products made in China. Stop buying things made from plastic. Stop buying things that need batteries. Stop buying GMO foods. Stop buying household cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals.

Stop buying clothing that comes from fabric made with pesticides and other chemicals. Stop buying clothing that costs $5 or less – think about how it could possibly be that cheap and how much money the person who made that garment was paid to make it! And the list goes on."

Thanks Kelly for being an influential voice in the eco-fashion industry. If you're reading this - what do you think? Is it easy to stop doing the behaviours Kelly mentions? How important is supporting eco-fashion to you?


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