Friday, June 12, 2009

Recycle Jewelry at Car Free Day on Denman

I've been quiet on my blog this week because I've been working very hard preparing for this weekend. Finally, Car Free Day is almost here! If you can't tell, I'm very excited about this event. Why? Because it's going to be very cool. Not only will there be artisans like myself selling their wares, there will be musicians, street performers, community groups, demonstrations and more! This video with interviews from last year pretty much says it all:

I'm working on my display, which will also be used for the upcoming Portobello West, and I've scored some really neat finds from the thrift store. Of course I'm recycling vintage finds for my market table, because it is my mission to reuse our planet's existing resources whenever I can.

If you don't mind scrolling, check out the budding beginnings of my display. First, this brilliant idea came from my fellow jewelry designing friend, Donna. I scored some cookie cooling racks, which act perfectly to display my earring tent cards, and possibly my bracelets?

I simply hinged the two racks together so they fold flat for packing, and open up to give my display some vertical dimension! Hopefully I can find a few more of these racks.

I wanted a neat mirror for customers to pick up and admire themselves trying on my jewelry. This one does the trick without taking up too much valuable real estate on the table. I'm going to paint it white so the look stays consistent!

This neat rack was my favourite find. Originally this is used in a kitchen for storing wine glasses. Simple slide the base of the stem between the rungs and the glasses hang. I'm reinventing it as a necklace display! Brilliant!

Finally, for the spread of the table I got 5 or so vintage silver trays. Each one has its own unique character, like my one-of-a-kind designs! With a little fabric scrap, and the necklaces draped over them, these trays will make for a great vintage chic display.

The best part about this display is that everything folds down flat. My goal is to be as portable as possible, so I can set up anywhere. I don't have a car, so I need to be able to get around with my display and jewelry inventory easily and efficiently!

What do you think? Comment below! See all the elements put together tomorrow at Car Free Day in Vancouver on Denman St. from 12pm - 6pm. Now, I'm off to collect supplies and design a cool ecocessories banner for the table!


  1. Very cool. Love the oven rack display idea! Will make sure to swing by tomorrow while walking around Denman...

  2. Thanks Lexi! If you want to recycle, bring any old crappy unwanted jewelry you have too! Earrings that lost their mate, necklaces you don't know why are still in your closet... :-)

    Thanks - see ya there!