Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ruling My Slice of the World

So it's officially been 2 whole weeks that I've been self employed. In my rush of excitement about my new found freedom I went from wanting to rule the world, wanting to run 2 very ambitious businesses, to wanting to run THIS one very creative business. ecocessories is my slice of the world and I want to harness it, grow it, and spread the love.

Now I'm sorry to the gentlemen who read my blog, because this post is going to be a little PRO women! But that's okay, because it's the men (and women) in our lives who support us, as Jena explored over at Modish Biz Tips.

Most posts I do on my blog aren't very personal - they are product, business, or jewelry recycling focused - but I'd like to add more to the mix, and I hope it improves your experience being part of my jewelry recycling revolution. Most people comment that they love that my personality resounds throughout this business, so I think it'll be OK. Besides, now that I work from my home studio I'm much more involved in my online social networks.

I'm passionate about the environment, I'm passionate about recycling, but I'm also very passionate about what I've decided to do - and that is to be a kick ass woman entrepreneur, a successful artist, and just a person who's living her dreams. I guess that is why watching this video has me all fired up!

So for the women out there who'd like to understand a bit better what running this business means to me, watch this video. I've only just come across Danille LaPorte, but I can't wait to hear more:


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