Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eco Hat Pins - A Modern Twist on a Vintage Style

A package of recycled jewelry arrived this week from Guelph, Ontario, where a friendly recycler had gather together scores of inspiration for me from a consignment store visit. Among the items was a vintage hat pin.

Hat pins are a vintage accessory whose purpose is to hold the hat to the head. They were invented in the Victorian era when large hats were in fashion for women, and it certainly wouldn't do to have the hat blow off a lady's head.

In modern day, hat pins can both a functional and decorative accent to add style to your hat! I designed a few sterling silver, one of a kind hat pins to accent your eco style. Insert these hat pins into any chapeau to add some flare or secure your topper to your head.

Hat pins would make a unique gift item for your trendy friend. These handmade hat pins are small works of art combining recycled beads with delicately wrapped silver wire on a sturdy sterling handmade stickpin.


  1. Now I need a hat so that I can justify getting one of these beautiful hat pins!

  2. Hmm - well I bet you could find a cute one at Portobello West tomorrow!

  3. These are very cute! I like em!

  4. Thanks Ash! I thought about you while designing them... my ideal customer, someone with a hat fetish like you!