Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eco Video - Intro to a Canadian Eco Jewelry Artist

I'm going to be posting videos on a regular basis. Even though it took me 10 takes - can you have stage fright when you're the only one in a room?! I'd love to know what you think! Say hi in the blog comments below.

P.S. Why did YouTube have to pick this horrendous thumbnail image of me! Lol - thanks for watching!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eco Hat Pins - A Modern Twist on a Vintage Style

A package of recycled jewelry arrived this week from Guelph, Ontario, where a friendly recycler had gather together scores of inspiration for me from a consignment store visit. Among the items was a vintage hat pin.

Hat pins are a vintage accessory whose purpose is to hold the hat to the head. They were invented in the Victorian era when large hats were in fashion for women, and it certainly wouldn't do to have the hat blow off a lady's head.

In modern day, hat pins can both a functional and decorative accent to add style to your hat! I designed a few sterling silver, one of a kind hat pins to accent your eco style. Insert these hat pins into any chapeau to add some flare or secure your topper to your head.

Hat pins would make a unique gift item for your trendy friend. These handmade hat pins are small works of art combining recycled beads with delicately wrapped silver wire on a sturdy sterling handmade stickpin.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cameron Diaz - Hollywood's 'Queen of Green'

It's a new week and another sunny day in Vancouver! My shipment of silver for necklaces & bracelets has been delayed for the past week, so I'm working on another unique earring style this morning.

I've also been pondering ways to grow this little business of mine, and have been identifying celebrities that align with my mission to live green! Last week I read all about Cameron Diaz. She's been throned the "Queen of Green" in Hollywood, but she's very down to earth (pun intended!) about living green. Quite simply, "it's just a choice people can make", Diaz states. Hear more from this personable diva at her latest photoshoot here:

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Earrings Everyday of the Week

The only thing I like better than creating earrings is wearing them! What better way to dress up a simple outfit, or express your everyday style then adding a great pair of earrings?

All my earring designs are handmade from scratch. What does that mean? I hand form each earring wire, hammer the curve for strength and durability, create its mate and let my collection of beads inspire the design! Each pair is a one of a kind creation, handmade with love.

The "Montego Bay" earrings were inspired by a friend's trip to Jamaica, where she's currently experiencing every great beach the country has to offer. I also hand formed and soldered the sterling silver hoops seen in this pair.

The "Bamboo Grove" earrings are natural simplicity on these hand formed tension earring wires. I love the comfort of these unique earring wires, which are secure on your ear lobe - great for a woman on the go.

The "Honolulu Hippie" earrings are light wooden beads attached to the earring wires with a gentle briolette style wrap. Get ready for a summer BBQ wearing this fun pair!

I've listed over 40 new pairs of earrings over the past couple weeks. I've also revamped my packaging which is good news for you because I now offer FREE shipping. If you're shopping for a summer birthday, a hostess gift, or just to treat yourself I'd be so appreciative if you'd choose to give an eco-fashion gift handmade by a Canadian designer.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Eco Designs Are Available at Portobello West

I am so thrilled this week to announce that I'll be officially participating in the Portobello West Fashion & Art Market here in Vancouver. I'll have a table with my recycled bead & sterling silver designs for sale and will also be inviting you to bring me your old jewelry to recycle! If you come recycle at the market, I'll give you a 15% off coupon good for any purchase - online, or in person - during the next couple months.

OK now for the good stuff - what is Portobello West? Well this video explains it better than I can, so enjoy watching and I hope to see you on Sunday, June 28, 2009!

p.s. Please click here to visit the Portobello West website to learn more - not only will you get info on all the market details, but I get points each time you click from my site! Cheers!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Inspiration, New Motivation

I visited the Sunshine Coast last week and the experience was a breath of fresh air. It was so neat to go to a community where being an artist is the norm; where the work of the local artists is revered.

In Roberts Creek, every path was one of discovery among the dense forest. Moss covered cottages were dripping with inspiration, and quiet forests whispered to my soul.

Then on to Gibsons, where every corner uncovered a spontaneous work of art that weaved a history about this artistic community. I just loved this fence mural. We're all in this together. Yes, we are.

This trip was about finding new inspiration, but also about grounding me for the hard work that starts now. I was able to use the time to fine tune my business plan for ecocessories and establish the next steps. I'm back in the studio and creating more than I ever have before - 21 pairs of earrings were created yesterday alone!

The production cycle will continue today, and I'll hope for some rays of sunshine tomorrow so I can photograph the new designs in natural light, and list them in the shop.

"Near the rose, in this grove of sun-parched, wind-warped madrones
Among half dead trees. I came upon the true ease of myself,
As if another person appeared out of the depths of my being,
And I stood outside of myself,
Beyond becoming and perishing.
As if something wholly other,
As if I swayed on the wildest wave alive,
And yet I was still.
And I rejoiced in being what I was."

- Theodore Roethke

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ruling My Slice of the World

So it's officially been 2 whole weeks that I've been self employed. In my rush of excitement about my new found freedom I went from wanting to rule the world, wanting to run 2 very ambitious businesses, to wanting to run THIS one very creative business. ecocessories is my slice of the world and I want to harness it, grow it, and spread the love.

Now I'm sorry to the gentlemen who read my blog, because this post is going to be a little PRO women! But that's okay, because it's the men (and women) in our lives who support us, as Jena explored over at Modish Biz Tips.

Most posts I do on my blog aren't very personal - they are product, business, or jewelry recycling focused - but I'd like to add more to the mix, and I hope it improves your experience being part of my jewelry recycling revolution. Most people comment that they love that my personality resounds throughout this business, so I think it'll be OK. Besides, now that I work from my home studio I'm much more involved in my online social networks.

I'm passionate about the environment, I'm passionate about recycling, but I'm also very passionate about what I've decided to do - and that is to be a kick ass woman entrepreneur, a successful artist, and just a person who's living her dreams. I guess that is why watching this video has me all fired up!

So for the women out there who'd like to understand a bit better what running this business means to me, watch this video. I've only just come across Danille LaPorte, but I can't wait to hear more:

Eco Wine Glass Charms by ecocessories

So what IS the free gift included in your purchase for Mother's Day? It is a set of my newest product - Eco Wine Glass Charms! These charms are adorable, and something that I've been wanting to create for awhile. When I recycle some jewelry, I end up with loads of recycled seed beads. I tend to use just a few of these in my designs, which are quite simple, so I have lots of these colourful tiny beads that need a creative purpose.

The purpose of wine glass charms is to distinguish which glass is yours when you are enjoying your favourite bottle of red or white with others. Each set comes with 4 charms, which is perfect if you are having dinner with the family, or just a few friends over! Have more than 3-4 guests? Purchase 2 sets and I'll ensure that all 8 charms are different.

A set of 4 will be included for FREE (a $10 value) with every purchase from now until Tuesday, May 6, 2009 which is the last day to ship within Canada for Mother's Day.

Cheers to Mom!