Friday, April 24, 2009

Recycled Jewelry - Your Junk is My Inspiration!

I'm getting into the groove of working on ecocessories full time. The Biz Tips over at the Modish Blog are really helping me out, as is Etsy's blog. Over there, other artists are reporting that they've quit their day jobs and couldn't be happier. Me too!

There is so much support online for independent artists making a living from their craft. One thing I've learned (after a painful day of getting my accounting records straight yesterday) is that I must stay on top of things as soon as they happen!

So in that regard, I received some recycled jewelry over the past month, and I decided to do a photo journal of the recycling process. The album is over on Facebook, and I invite you to come check it out. And while you are there, please become a fan! If you're online reading this, chances are you're on Facebook and as I grow into this business I'll be using my social networks to spread DIY projects from ecocessories and news about recycling jewelry.


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