Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Love Summer Rayne Oakes - Environmental Scientist Turned Model

It is so refreshing to meet an individual like Summer Rayne Oakes (not that I've officially met her - yet!). Talk about a role model. Summer was studying environmental science, and decided to launch her career as a values-based, cause-related model smashing two or three stereotypes with her career choice right there!

Summer is passionate about sustainable fashion, and I just watched this video about her Payless Shoe line being launched called Zoe&Zac. Hearing her talk about the importance of using sustainable materials in the fashion world is like taking a deep breath of fresh air

Sustainable Style: Talking Green with Summer Rayne Oakes from Payless Videos on Vimeo.

Summer is coming to Vancouver in a few days for the Epic Expo. She will be speaking about sustainable fashion, and I've contacted her publicist to get Summer wearing ecocessories jewelry during this event!

What do you think - leave your comments below. Isn't Summer Rayne Oakes the best spokesperson ever?


  1. That would be incredible Jessica!

  2. Thanks - I think having Summer wearing my eco-jewelry would be really awesome too. I'll let you know how it goes!