Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Host An Eco-Fashion Swap

I just read a great article by one of my favourite publications, Granville Online. Yes I love them because they featured an article on ecocessories, but also because they have such fabulous ideas and content!

Today I heard about the eco-fashion swap held at Granville Online. Women from the office brought in all their unwanted clothes - everything was sorted (pants, shirts, dresses etc.) and organized. When the swap started it was every woman for herself - and everything you parted with was yours to keep - for FREE! Read the entire article by Davinia Yip here.

I got thinking about how an eco-fashion swap doesn't just have to be about clothes - it can be accessories and jewelry too! I recycle jewelry because I use the recycled beads as inspiration for my new designs, and because it reduces waste in the world. I also do it to offer a solution - many women have jewelry that was great at one time, but is now out of style and adding clutter to their lives. If you can't recycle the jewelry with ecocessories for any reason, or would simply prefer seeing a perfectly good necklace or bracelet go to a deserving friend, host an eco-fashion swap!

You and your friends will be thanking each other for reviving your wardrobes, de-cluttering your closets, helping the environment, and all at my favourite price point - Free!


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