Monday, April 13, 2009

Easily Browse Handmade Jewelry in the ecocessories Shop!

I've done some updates to the ecocessories site to make your online shopping experience even easier and more enjoyable! New changes include:

Navigation: Easily next through 'More Items' as you browse the necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and originals.

Recycle: Once just a link in the bottom navigation, Recycle is now a more prominent tab so I can expose more people looking to recycle jewelry to my cause.

Blog: I've cleaned up the side right column with a new description/picture and a link that encourages you to subscribe.

I am incredibly flattered to report two new testimonials. Shirley says,

"Once I heard about ecocessories, I couldn’t stop myself from constantly perusing the site and was more than excited to make my first purchase!"
Read more about Shirley appreciation of sustainable business. Joyce reports,
"I realized last minute that I had to get a gift for my roommate’s going away party. She was leaving for Korea and I had no time to prepare anything. I called ecocessories and Jessica came to the rescue!"
Read more about Joyce's nervous decision and her roommate's strong reaction!


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