Monday, January 12, 2009

Knitwear with Recycled Beads

I am experimenting with a few one off products that will be on sale in my shop when the new website is launched under the line 'ecocessories originals'. The originals will include the recycled etched glass vessels when they are ready, and now my knit wear.

This weekend I made a brown & white neck cowl, using 3 large pink clay recycled beads! I was inspired to use the recycled beads for buttons when I realized they were too big for a lot of my jewelry designs, and that this was the perfect alternate purpose.

The wool is all new, and is a mixture of thin brown cotton yarn, and a wool cotton cream blend. I am now working on a second navy blue & cream version in a knit stitch (this one's a purl stitch). What do you think? Do you like the first ecocessories original?

See more pictures on my Flickr:


  1. Your knitted piece did turn out well! Looks cozy :)

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