Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week 2: Rad Recycled Jewelry

This week I am featuring an exciting pendant that used to be an earring (if you can believe it!) and a couple of recycled sterling silver pieces. I get really excited about recycled silver because it is the best type of silver to work with next to the fair trade and local silver I use in my designs.

But first - if you are here, you are seeing my new website! I am so thrilled. This whole week has been a soft launch and I'll be sending out all the exciting details in an e-newsletter in a few days. It will also share some press coverage I am getting this week in the North Shore News' Look fashion section, this Friday, January 30th! Please sign up to updates, so you don't miss the behind the scenes scoops and a link to the article.

Here are the three recycled pieces of jewelry that I am featuring this week. That earring cracks me up - I am picturing a Cyndi Lauper style straight from the 80's. But when I saw it, I was very inspired to create this modern, contemporary piece. I actually already used this as a pendant in a necklace! It is for sale on my site here. It's title is "Retro Rewind Necklace" as it revives an important decade in a modern design!

Next there is a recycled sterling silver bracelet. I think I am going to leave this bracelet as is and simply add a few strands to it! That will give it some colour and a new, fuller life. It wasn't this pretty when it first arrived though - this one spent a few hours in the tumbler.

Finally, I choose this sterling silver cross pendant as my final piece of Rad Recycled Jewelry this week. This will be great for someone who wants to wear their religious symbol, but with a current, fashionable look!

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  1. I can't believe that black and white pendant was an earring, OUCH! It looks great on the retro necklace!