Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ecocessories Feature: Rad Recycled Jewelry

I recently had a chance to explore the bags of recycled jewelry that people brought to ecocessories over the holidays! It was so fun to go through all the different piles, and I was so inspired by all the beauty that I found.

I love taking a necklace and looking at it for its parts. When you look at the individual pieces of a whole, you truly see something for how beautiful it is! That is what ecocessories is all about - creating beautiful sterling silver jewelry with recycled beads from recycled jewelry. I don't like making anything that doesn't serve a greater purpose.

That is why I love working with silver. Even if I end up designing a piece of jewelry that turns out wrong, or isn't selling, I can take it apart and use that silver for another purpose. It is a valuable metal, that can be reused in many ways, from melting it down, to simply removing the tarnish and recycled the chain. I also feel working with silver gives me creative freedom to use my silversmithing techniques to take what design is in my head and make it happen!

I have decided to start this weekly column based on a few pieces of "Rad Recycled Jewelry" that I especially love from all the pieces I receive. If you recognize something YOU recycled, email me at to get a free gift! C'mon, I know you're curious - and hey if you haven't recycled jewelry, see my post on what recycling jewelry is all about to learn how you can participate in this weekly Wednesday feature!

These three pieces of jewelry are this week's rad recycled jewelry finds! Are any of them yours? If so email me for your free gift!

These chandelier earrings are amazing. One is missing a tier, so that's why they were recycled I assume. I will be able to take these a part for the tiny clear sparkling beads. Maybe the larger parts will become the feature of a future necklace?

I love these turquoise coloured resin globes! They will look great bobbling on a lariat necklace.

This necklaces is a bit outdated, but what caught my eye were the vibrant ruby red beads that are dangling. I have a special design already planned for these!

p.s. Look forward to the RElaunch next week! I'm so pumped!


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