Friday, October 24, 2008

Make a Necklace Organizer from a Cutlery Tray

I am always keeping an eye out for fun and creative DIY projects around the house! Sure it takes a bit more time and some creativity, but when people ask where you got that super cool (fill in the blank as it could be anything!) - you can say, "oh this, you ask? I made it!". Trust me, it is a much better conversation starter than, "I got it at Ikea."

I get my ideas from checking out what other creative bloggers are doing, or reading magazines such as Craft or Do It Yourself magazine. Even better is that these projects usually start by recycling something! In this case, I found a project for turning a wooden cutlery tray in a necklace organizer - perfect for storing your ecocessories jewelry!

See the instructions here at Laughing Daisies.


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