Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Eco Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and I got into the spooky spirit last night with my fiancé by carving a pumpkin! All those pumpkin guts got me thinking about the spirit of Halloween, and if there is anything we can do as participants to make the fun a bit more environmentally friendly.

Sure enough, I found this wicked video from Threadbanger that teaches you how to make your own eco-friendly Halloween make-up! If you aren't into that, it also suggests some great places to buy organic make-up. Because let's face it - our skin absorbs 60% of the ingredients put on it into the bloodstream in 15 minutes... AND commercial make-up contains over 1500 carcinogenic ingredients!! How's that for scary...

P.S. I got to review my new website live on the internet this week! It TOTALLY rocks, and I am SO excited to launch it. But it still needs some tweaking, so I am hoping possibly by November 1st? I'll be sending out an e-newsletter as soon as the launch date is finalized, so be sure to join!


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