Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sorting, Cleaning and Creating with Donated Jewelry

I spent the past weekend disassembling all the jewelry that was donated to ecocessories while I was in Ontario. Check out what happens to your jewelry as it travels from your jewelry box to my studio...

First, the jewelry is sorted by colour and material....

beads sorted by colour waiting to be cleaned

work station set up for cleaning jewelry

Using boiling water and baking soda I remove the tarnish from the silver & gold metal pieces. Placing the metal on a piece of tinfoil and pouring the boiling water/baking soda over is supposed to help with removing the tarnish...

gold donations before the removing tarnish

Each sorted pile of beads is cleaned with a drop of gentle eco-friendly detergent and sterilized with vinegar and all the packages of beads are laid out to dry overnight.

coloured beads set out to dry on tinfoil sheets

Finally, everything is sorted more specifically by colour and organized into my bead drawers!

When you reduce something to its parts, its true beauty is revealed. This is how I feel about each item donated to ecocessories and is why I am able to work with so many different materials. Email me at to arrange a donation!


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