Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Old Dresser Gets New Look

I first saw this project in Craft magazine and was instantly inspired! A few days later when browsing craigslist I came across this dresser that was headed to the dump if it didn't find a home. A perfect match!

Step 1: My fiancé , Allan, and I sanded down the entire dresser to take off some of the deep stain. This wasn't too successful, but did give us a sanded enough surface so that the paint would hold.

Before Shot

Step 2: Using masking tape, Allan taped off the area for the tree branches. For the leaves, we traced leaves onto a full sheet of label paper and cut them out. Unfortunately, it was permanent stick which led to a few problems later on.

Allan taping off the tree branches

Step 3: Thanks to a great tip from a friend, we knew to seal the edges of the entire taped off area by painting the edges with Matte Medium (available at any craft or art supplies store). This made very clean lines when we removed the tape and prevented paint from bleeding under the edges.

Me, sealing off the edges of the taped areas

Step 4: We painted the entire dresser a light green colour. It needed two coats and a few hours of drying time, so we took a break to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

"ecocessories Dresser" after painting

Step Five: We removed the tape. You cannot tell in this picture, but we were left with the remains of sticker paper when the leaf shapes were. However, the problem was easily fixed by carefully wiping the edges with Goo Gone, being sure to only touch the bare wood (the product removes paint as well).

ecocessories Dresser after the tape has been removed

Step Six: For the final step, we purchased a clear sealant that we brushed over the entire dresser to give it a finished and professional look. Ta Da!!

ecocessories Dresser After

Inspired to use this technique to refinish furniture of your own? Feel free to e-mail me with any questions! It only took a weekend and was tons of fun seeing the results.


  1. Jess!!

    Love the new dresser! I like how you left the tree part as just the expose wood - Looks great!!

  2. it was very cool to watch the dresser progress as we came by throughout the day. The finished product is stunning - the photos don't do it justice!