Sunday, June 1, 2008

New E-mail Address and Thanks!

Wow! Just sending this blog out to a few people has generated some really positive response, so to keep it coming I have made it even easier! I registered my domain name, and (somewhat) have mastered the scary cyberworld. If you type in it will go directly to my blog! However, eventually it will go to my website where you will be able to buy my jewelry and other products I sell and my blog will continue to be a small component of that.

I also set up an e-mail address. It is so please use this address to send me all your thoughts about ecocessories! I know some people aren't comfortable posting on public forums so I'm going to add a direct link to the blog. If you want to tell me something, suggest or comment on something, please e-mail me.

For example, I already heard today from my Nana that people probably want to know how I clean my recycled materials in an environmentally friendly fashion. She's right, I do! So expect a post about that. My cousin, Barbara, also wants to know exactly how the recycling program works, and how people will get me their jewelry. That I am going to write about in another post right now, since its so important! I want to get people recycling right away.

I am also thinking about doing some custom jewelry work as well. Maybe you have a piece of jewelry and the style isn't something you wear anymore, but you still love the beads. My friend, Tara gave me my first test project, remaking some brass bird earrings she has into a long dangling necklace. Would you be interested in a program like this?

Anyway just want to say thanks for all the beginning feedback! Its really starting me off on the right foot and making me feel really positive about this!!


  1. Jessica,
    I LOVE your necklaces! I can't wait to purchase one...or four. I don't think I could pick just one. When can I place an order, can I do it by email until your site is up and running?

  2. SO exciting, definitely going to be ordering and promoting your stuff to my friends! Congrats on all your work so far Jess, it looks amazing, can't wait to see what you come up with next.