Sunday, June 1, 2008

How Recycling Jewelry Works

So how does this whole recycling jewelry thing work, you may be asking... well I have a few ideas! You can donate jewelry...

  1. In Person
    Anywhere I am, I'll be accepting jewelry! If you want to visit my workshop, e-mail me to arrange a time. If you see me at the office, on the weekends, at a sale etc. bring your donations!
  2. Mail Recycling Program
    Send me an e-mail and I'll arrange shipping for your mail donations. I am happy to cover the cost of sending donations to me here in Vancouver. In certain cities there is a central location where you can drop donated jewelry to be sent together in one bulk shipment - inquire for details!
  3. Partner with other green national retailer and have drop boxes
    In the future, I hope to have ecocessories partner with a national retailer of sustainable fashion. At the store, a drop box for jewelry would be available. Periodically, I would arrange for bulk shipments of the recycled jewelry.

Tell me what you think by commenting or e-mailing! Which of these ideas for recycling jewelry makes the most sense to you?


  1. willy's in muskoka (port carling and bala) would be great to partner with. they only do business in the summer really but it goes after the market you want and they have a lot of independent kind of stuff. Also, try some places around Queen and John in Toronto. Groovy is a cool store but they sell mostly shoes, and that's where they are, but there's a million others that I just don't know the names of.

  2. Hey Jess!
    Congrats on this new endeavor. I recommend checking out a company called Preloved. ( It's a company that does a very similar thing, but with clothes, and has become pretty popular with their unique designs created from vintage pieces. I first came to know it in Toronto, but have found that some nice boutiques out East carry it too. I know they have some stores that are strictly preloved, but do work with other retailers too--- check 'em out, you may get inspired,

    If you ever need anything on the marketing/advertising/branding front, give me a should, i'd be glad to help.

    Good luck with this!

  3. and my should, i clearly mean shout.