Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cleaning Recycled Jewelry

This week has been wonderful hearing so much feedback about ecocessories! You are all so encouraging, I can hardly wait to get you all wearing my jewelry. I am planning on getting some photography of my latest work done this weekend, so look forward to some very exciting new designs. In fact, I have heard the best feedback overall on this new stuff!

I had an inquiry about how I clean the jewelry once it's delivered to me to be recycled. When I receive new pieces to be recycled, I first take apart any clasps or wiring and separate the beads and other materials. I set aside all the findings (chain, clasps, etc.) to be used for some future use, but they aren't used in the final product for hygiene reasons.

I clean the beads with a gentle plant-based, biodegradable soap infused with peppermint & rosemary essential oils - the brand is Sapadilla - you seriously have to try it! Smells so good! Once the beads dry, they are polished with my Fabulustre Polishing Cloth - its incredible the dirt you don't even see! This is a picture of some vintage earrings I am turning into a necklace. Not sure if you can tell, but only the right bird has been polished and it made an incredible difference!

Once everything looks new again, I start designing. New silver chain, rings and clasps are coupled with the recycled beads to create fashionable & sustainable jewelry!


  1. The polished earring looks beautiful Jess!! Can't wait to see what you create with them.

  2. jess I have some stuff to send youuuu