Monday, June 23, 2008

The Latest

I created up a storm tonight... and I finally have business cards! Ask me to have one next time you see me - if I haven't already given you one! To have them done is a feeling of great accomplishment, and I couldn't have done it without Allan's great skills.

As always - would love to hear feedback on the new designs!

Long Wood & Silver Organics Necklace - $60 (SOLD)

Black Stone Simple Circles Short Necklace - $60

Aqua with Wood Simple Circles Short Necklace - $40 (SOLD)

Click on the slideshow to the right to see more new pictures in my Picasa album!

Please join my mailing list if you aren't already a member... and be sure to send it to your friends! I should let you all know that I am planning a short trip to Ontario at the end of July to spend time with my family, and will be bringing some pieces for sale. Let me know if you are interested!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

E-mail Newsletter

ecocessories' first e-mail newsletter has officially been sent! If you have any comments about it, be sure to let me know at Did everyone view it OK? Also, if you didn't receive the e-mail newsletter, there is a link on the right side of my blog. Just enter your e-mail address and sign up! It will be the best way to check out new designs when I officially launch, and score sweet coupons!

I have new pictures for you to check out if you click through to my Picasa web album:

I am itching to get some designing done this weekend, so let me know what you think of the new designs. Anything you'd like to see that isn't there? I also have some amazing donations from my friends at home that I can't wait to dismantle and create new ecocessories with! Thanks girls!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Photo Shoot

It was pointed out today that my profile pic definitely needed some updating! I had my resident fashion photographer (my fiancé, Allan!) take some shots at the nature trails in Mahon Park. Hello to all who may not have seen my face in awhile, and to those who are seeing it for the first time!

aaand the photographer! I also figured out a fantastic new method for capturing my jewelry designs using a scanner to which produces great photos... stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sneak Peak of New ecocessories

Well I was a bit of a creating fiend last night, whipping off 4 necklaces! It's a record in one night for me. I love them all and am dying to share them, but my photographer has been fighting a cold! So in the meantime, I took some quick snapshots with my digital camera to give you a preview of the new line.

Royal Blue & Acacia Short Starburst Necklace

Moss Green Simple Circles Necktie

Long Chain with Wood & Multi-Coloured Stones

I am also working on getting a mail donation program started for ecocessories. The options with Canada Post are a bit confusing - I will definitely let you know when it's sorted out! In the meantime, please keep saving your old jewelry to recycle with ecocessories. I am not asking for anything to be mailed until the mailing costs can be charged directly to ecocessories.

Keep the feedback coming!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cleaning Recycled Jewelry

This week has been wonderful hearing so much feedback about ecocessories! You are all so encouraging, I can hardly wait to get you all wearing my jewelry. I am planning on getting some photography of my latest work done this weekend, so look forward to some very exciting new designs. In fact, I have heard the best feedback overall on this new stuff!

I had an inquiry about how I clean the jewelry once it's delivered to me to be recycled. When I receive new pieces to be recycled, I first take apart any clasps or wiring and separate the beads and other materials. I set aside all the findings (chain, clasps, etc.) to be used for some future use, but they aren't used in the final product for hygiene reasons.

I clean the beads with a gentle plant-based, biodegradable soap infused with peppermint & rosemary essential oils - the brand is Sapadilla - you seriously have to try it! Smells so good! Once the beads dry, they are polished with my Fabulustre Polishing Cloth - its incredible the dirt you don't even see! This is a picture of some vintage earrings I am turning into a necklace. Not sure if you can tell, but only the right bird has been polished and it made an incredible difference!

Once everything looks new again, I start designing. New silver chain, rings and clasps are coupled with the recycled beads to create fashionable & sustainable jewelry!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How Recycling Jewelry Works

So how does this whole recycling jewelry thing work, you may be asking... well I have a few ideas! You can donate jewelry...

  1. In Person
    Anywhere I am, I'll be accepting jewelry! If you want to visit my workshop, e-mail me to arrange a time. If you see me at the office, on the weekends, at a sale etc. bring your donations!
  2. Mail Recycling Program
    Send me an e-mail and I'll arrange shipping for your mail donations. I am happy to cover the cost of sending donations to me here in Vancouver. In certain cities there is a central location where you can drop donated jewelry to be sent together in one bulk shipment - inquire for details!
  3. Partner with other green national retailer and have drop boxes
    In the future, I hope to have ecocessories partner with a national retailer of sustainable fashion. At the store, a drop box for jewelry would be available. Periodically, I would arrange for bulk shipments of the recycled jewelry.

Tell me what you think by commenting or e-mailing! Which of these ideas for recycling jewelry makes the most sense to you?

New E-mail Address and Thanks!

Wow! Just sending this blog out to a few people has generated some really positive response, so to keep it coming I have made it even easier! I registered my domain name, and (somewhat) have mastered the scary cyberworld. If you type in it will go directly to my blog! However, eventually it will go to my website where you will be able to buy my jewelry and other products I sell and my blog will continue to be a small component of that.

I also set up an e-mail address. It is so please use this address to send me all your thoughts about ecocessories! I know some people aren't comfortable posting on public forums so I'm going to add a direct link to the blog. If you want to tell me something, suggest or comment on something, please e-mail me.

For example, I already heard today from my Nana that people probably want to know how I clean my recycled materials in an environmentally friendly fashion. She's right, I do! So expect a post about that. My cousin, Barbara, also wants to know exactly how the recycling program works, and how people will get me their jewelry. That I am going to write about in another post right now, since its so important! I want to get people recycling right away.

I am also thinking about doing some custom jewelry work as well. Maybe you have a piece of jewelry and the style isn't something you wear anymore, but you still love the beads. My friend, Tara gave me my first test project, remaking some brass bird earrings she has into a long dangling necklace. Would you be interested in a program like this?

Anyway just want to say thanks for all the beginning feedback! Its really starting me off on the right foot and making me feel really positive about this!!