Sunday, May 25, 2008

How to Recycle Jewelry with ecocessories

Hi! I'm Jessica and I am starting this blog as part of my progress in launching ecocessories - my company that sells handmade jewelry made from recycled materials. I love making jewelry and am passionate about the materials that I use - I am taking something old, either out of fashion or in poor condition, and making it new again! The beads I use in my projects are all reclaimed, boughten used, or recycled at ecocessories by people like you!

What does it mean to recycle jewelry? I am sure we all have it, the dreaded gob of tangled chain that used to be the hottest fashion statement five years ago... the one that broke, which you've promised to get fixed, the past 12 months in a row... or that one that you've just worn too many times to bear. No longer should these forgotten pieces be taking up precious space in your jewelry box. Donate them to ecocessories for a coupon and I will take apart the recycled jewelry, sort the valuable materials into colour and content categories to be made into fashionable, high quality fashion accessories.

But the only way this is going to be successful is from the support of you. Right now, I am in touch with my inner jewelry artist working out designs. I am building up my materials with donations and purchases of used jewelry and asking for donations from anyone. Once I am in full operations, we'll arrange a coupon towards your first purchase for your donation!

I am also talking to friends, family, coworkers, neighbours about my ideas and finding out what you like! Here on my blog we'll be able to do a lot more of it. Please tell me your thoughts. Do you like my stuff? Have an idea for a design? Is there something I haven't thought of? Have a suggestion of how I could do something better? I'm an open minded gal and just trying to have some fun while spreading my mission of living green and reducing waste. So don't hesitate. Comment on my pictures and postings. Let me hear your voice! Contribute to reducing waste on this planet by reusing the resources we already have.



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